Jim Batson

My family has been in the service industry since 1884. In 2009 I started using Ron Smith as a consultant and mentor. Ever since then we have developed tools, processes and procedures to catapult H. C. Blake Company into the next century. I have a clear path of what I need to do to be successful for the next 100 years.

From Jim Batson, owner of H. C. Blake Co in Huntsville, AL
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Rick True

I first met Ron in 1987, when we visited him to learn about his Service America franchise. We were a large mechanical contractor and wanted to get into the residential service and replacement business. We felt it would be better to partner with someone who had a system in place rather than try to reinvent the wheel. From that day forward, until today, some 32 years later, we are still operating by that same system. Ron’s knowledge in the retail part of our industry is unmatched. To this day, when I attend Service Roundtable meetings, or ACCA national meetings, I hear things in workshops...
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HVAC Spells Wealth Books

 “I have been using the HVAC Spells Wealth book since I first heard of it in 2007 at a ComforTech meeting. Over the years I have purchased in excess of 700 copies of Ron’s book and used them while working in distribution. Every new contractor I work with gets a copy of the best selling book. Ron has become a mentor and friend over the last several years and I consider myself extremely blessed to work with him on nearly a daily basis.”

Brad Hone, Former General Manager at Service Experts and ARS. Current General Manager of Ferguson Nashville.

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Jamie Gerdsen's Consultation Experience

First, let me start by saying thanks for an incredibly informative and worthwhile couple of days together. Jim and I both got some 1’ers that I would have missed had we not had you come. Your experience is invaluable and is clearly superior to many that I have experienced in the HVAC industry. I really came away with a list of items that I need to work on that should help us get to the next level.

Jamie Gerdsen, Apollo Heating and Cooling

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Al Roach

"While Ron’s book certainly will become the HVAC industry’s essential guide to building a successful contracting business, this is first and foremost a book about leadership. It is a compelling story of a boy with a dream and how he built his business success around a belief in the goodness of people. Ron’s basic philosophy is simple – he cares about people. In his business life, it’s about his customers and his employees (associates). In his personal life, it’s about family and friends. And I consider myself lucky to be one of those friends. Thank you Ron for taking the time to give your...

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Motivated in Germany Seminar

 “Thanks, Ron. It was a great trip and meeting. As always you do a great job of getting me motivated with my company. Just got out of a management meeting and as usual they know when I have been around a successful person like you.”  

Ben Stark, Stark Service Co. 

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Jim McDermott

“An outstanding leadership manual for any contractor who wants to build a successful residential retail business. Ron broke the code on how to achieve success in this business a number of years ago and has shared his business acumen through consulting, teaching and hundreds of magazine articles. With this new book, Ron Smith puts it all together in an easy to use and easy to understand comprehensive guide to success and profitability.”

Jim McDermott, Vice President and Editorial Director of HVACR Business,former publisher of Contracting Business, Contractor and HVAC Engineering.

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Jackie Rainwater

“If you are going to read one book for growing a successful contracting company, inspiration and entertainment, then this has to be it. Ron is a legend in the industry!”

Jackie Rainwater, former contractor, now President of the Rainwater Group.

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Edd Hill

“In a concise and plain spoken manner. Ron gives us a blueprint for building and managing a successful heating and air conditioning company. No owner or manager in our industry should be without a well read and dog eared copy of this book.”

Edd Hill, President of contracting company HVAC, Inc.

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Matt Michel

“This is the ultimate how-to manual for a service company. Ron breaks business down to its essence: getting customers and keeping them. He shares the techniques that he developed in the process of transforming his first and small company into a huge one. He’s proven the approach is transferable and has literally trained thousands of contractors helping them grow revenues while significantly improving profits. Don’t wait, buy this book, read and re-read it. Dominate your market.”

Matt Michel, CEO and President of The Service Roundtable.

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