Andy Holt

HVAC Spells Wealth captures all the required steps needed to run a successful HVAC business. Ron has poured out to all of us his many years of hands on "doing" HVAC. The information is not theory. It is not guesswork or gimmicks. It's the real information that has helped thousands of HVAC families live better lives. Thank you, Ron!

Andy Holt
Outdoor University
Top Rate Services, LLC
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Brady and Linda

"We are very blessed to have Ron Smith as our mentor! We would not want to do this journey without his guided expertise! His leadership has been instrumental in changing and growing the business in a positive direction and we are excited to continue our relationship with Ron for years to come!"

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Gina Ferrara

Our visit with you-

Ron Smith's visit to our company exceeded our already high exceptions. Let me back up and say that he gave us an outline so we knew what to expect and there were no surprises; but Ron's unique approach and willingness to truly invest his time and experience in us put him in a league of his own. As soon as he arrived, he got down to business and didn't stop until it was time to bring back to the airport. What we appreciated most about Ron is that he immediately recognized where we were in the business cycle and served us at that place. He was positive and talked...

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Jim Thompson

“I have never been as excited about where we are going. Thanks for your guidance you have provided so many of us.”

Jim Thompson, Thompson Services, Inc.

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Dennis McGee

“I have read your book 3 times, working on the 4th, I pick up great points each time. I have it highlighted and tabbed. Thank you for sharing your wealth of information. I will reference it often.”

Dennis McGee, Texas Unlimited Building Services 

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Kathy Carver

“Currently, we have ordered a few books and am getting ready to order another group. My boss cannot put the book down, and at yesterday’s tech meeting of 45 he spoke about what a great book HVAC Spells Wealth is. As a result I currently have another 10 books to order.”

Kathy Carver, Blue Dot, Inc of Maryland 

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David Allen

"I finished the book this week. It looks like it survived a tornado it is so marked up! I have nothing but good things to say about the book. To me it is the book I have been waiting for years to find. It can be used as a "how to guide" from start to finish!"

David Allen, President of Allen’s Air Conditioning, Inc.

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An Inspiration

"Thank you for the books and your God given knowledge that you share with our industry. You are a true inspiration."

David Brasher, Comfort Experts

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Everyone is in the sales process.

"I started this business two years ago and your book has been a springboard. I refer to it every day. I am able to implement practices and ideas from the book that no other company locally does. We have grown from a one man operation to having six techs and still growing. Everyone in the the company is involved in the sales process and loves working for a forward thinking and rewarding company."

Chris Hunter, Hunter Heat & Air

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More Excitement In the Business

I truly enjoyed reading this book (HVAC Spells Wealth). It has helped put more excitement into growing our business. I am in the process of implementing numerous ideas and forms from your book. Thank you for taking time to share your wealth of knowledge and experience with other contractors. I look forward to reading the HVAC Light Commercial Service Agreements book so we can grow that segment of our business.

Jim Jundt, Minot Plumbing & Heating

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