Exhibits/Business Templates

“More & New” HVAC Spells Wealth Book’s Exhibits/Business Templates


These Unique Business Templates (Exhibits) are all of the ones displayed in the book “More & New” HVAC Spells Wealth with the exception of Exhibit number 16 which is not our form and must be ordered from The Transform Group at 800-226-2564.

When receiving your order we will convert them from PDF to Word and then email them to you in a zip file which permits you to open the ones you wish and customize to fit your company. Only $24.95 with no shipping and handling.

Price: $24.95
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HVAC Light Commercial Service Agreements: Exhibits/Business Templates


The following Microsoft Word and Excel Exhibits (Unique Business Templates) are sent to you via an email attachment allowing you to customize them to fit your company's particular need: 1, Direct Mail Letter serving as an Introduction Letter to Businesses; 2, Direct Mail Letter serving as an Introduction Letter to Landlords and Property Managers; 4d, blank Pricing Worksheet; 5b (3 pages), blank Monthly Commission Reconciliation; 6, Annual Sales Expectations & Earnings; 7, Job Description, Sales Representatives; 8, Commercial Service Agreement Sales Representative Newspa

Price: $17.95
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HVAC Spells Wealth: Exhibits/Business Templates


These Unique Business Templates are being made available only to those people who have ordered and read the best selling HVAC book or listened to the 9 disc audio CD set and wish to get separate printed copies of the Exhibits. Order on our secure website or simply phone 615-791-8474.

Price: $27.95
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